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About Our Safes

We stock and sell a number of various size safes from small fire resistant home safes to large fire and burglary resistant safes.

Ability in-wall safe

Ability in-wall safe

Our selection of safes includes:
• Fire Proof Safes: Great home safes
• Fire\Burglary: Great for home and business
• Cash Safes: Slots in the top to drop money or deposits
• Data Safes: Made to absorb moisture so data stays dry and safe
• Guns Safes: Sizes range from 16 -35 rifle capacity
• Wall Safes: You can easily hide behind a picture so it is out of the way
• Floor Safes: Are buried in concrete will work for home or business

To see a full line of safes that we sell you can go to www.brawnsecurity.com. We can order in any of them for you. This will give you a better idea on the different kinds and sizes.

Ability under counter safeAbility in-floor safe

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